Meet your marketing specialists


Kassaundra Schario

With over a decade of marketing experience, Kassaundra, has weathered the storm of changing technology and knows how to keep your business relevant in an ever-changing world.

As a St. Louis native and a graduate of Lindenwood University, she understands business and the extra push that your consumers need to connect with you. Constantly staying in front of your target audience is more important now than ever before and is often something that many businesses need help with. That is just what St. Louis Marketing Consultants is here to help you achieve.




Michele Shore

Armed with a Masters Degree in Marketing from Lindenwood University, Michele excels in all aspects of Marketing. It's content marketing that really gets her excited! From graphic design to knowing just how to connect clients to their target audience, Michele has an arsenal of tools used to create customized messages for each company we represent. 

Behind the scenes training never ends for this team of marketing professionals as the world of digital marketing and tracking algorithms never ends. This pair thrives on gaining the knowledge and strategy to stay ahead of the curve. This allows them to provide the best services to their current and future clients.